A DECISION to introduce double yellow lines on a residential road has sparked anger from drivers.

Princes Road, in Maldon, has double yellow lines on one side, but drivers can currently park on the opposite side between 6pm and 8am Monday to Friday, and at weekends.

But concerned residents claim it has resulted in the road being used as ‘overspill’ parking.

The South Essex Parking Partnership is now pressing ahead with plans to put double yellow lines on the opposite side of the road.

One resident on Princes Road said they were happy with the decision.

But Laura Havell, of nearby Kings Street, was not pleased by the news.

She said: “We live on quite a small street so some of our residents have to park somewhere else because most modern household have two cars or more.

“I find it absolutely disgusting. These people have got driveways and parking facilities. But the council would rather go ahead and aid four houses rather than the rest of the neighbourhood.

“I spent hours taking signatures and I collected more than 100.

“To hear the news that they’re still going ahead with it is frustrating.”

Mrs Havell said the move could mean residents having to park further from their homes.

Ward councillor Brenda Harker was also “very disappointed” with the decision.

She said: “I fully supported my ward members in their objections to a double yellow line in place of a single yellow line.

“Parking is at a premium in the surrounding areas. In fact it’s almost impossible.

“The King Street residents have been parking in Princes Road overnight without any problems for a long time and clearly the people living there have not raised the issue of not getting out of their driveways before.

“I am, on behalf of my ward members, very disappointed with the decision.

“Their decision to have double yellow lines in front of the driveways of Princes Road residents does not, in my opinion, satisfactorily resolve the problem of where the residents of King Street, who have no driveways, can park overnight.”

The South Essex Parking Partnership was asked for comment.