COUNCIL bosses in Maldon have backed calls for London authorities to stop using Essex as a dumping ground for vulnerable families.

Adrian Fluker, leader of Maldon District Council has pledged his support alongside council leaders of all 12 Essex districts and boroughs against pressure to rehouse families from London in Essex.

The letter, which was sent to London mayor Sadiq Khan, raised 11 issues with rehousing people in the county.

Mr Fluker said: “Unlike other districts and boroughs in Essex, we have not seen the pressure from the London boroughs that others have.

“However, I fully support this move to ensure that the decision-makers in London take notice, and work constructively with us across the county to resolve these issues.”

Among the issues highlighted by the Essex Leaders and Chief Executive Group are a lack of communication between London authorities and Essex councils informing them of people being moved into the area, families being placed in inadequate housing and the impact on local services.

Maldon has a large number of people currently waiting to be rehoused.

A Freedom of Information request revealed there are 784 people, with or without disabilities, currently on Maldon District Council’s waiting list for social or council housing.

Neil Stock, chairman of the council leaders group, described the actions of some London boroughs as “despicable”.

Mr Stock, said: “We understand why people want to come to Essex, which is a fantastic place in which to live, work and visit, and we don’t want to stop people moving to the county.

“However, this needs to be in the right way and because people want to move here, not because they are being forced to or financially encouraged to by their London council as way of removing a problem.

“So far efforts by individual Essex councils to draw this to the attention of London Boroughs and the mayor of London have largely been ignored, which is why as a group of leaders we have taken the decision to send this letter. We now hope that those in power in London sit up and take notice, and work constructively with us to resolve these issues.”

David Finch, leader of Essex County Council, said moving more vulnerable families to Essex was “untenable”. He added: “We must work together more effectively to ensure everyone in Essex is given the opportunity to succeed and thrive with the appropriate support networks, schooling, and accommodation.

“This letter will help to ensure this happens and that every family in Essex will receive the support that they need.”