EUROSCEPTIC Tory MPs John Whittingdale and Priti Patel have both confirmed they will vote against the Government’s controversial Brexit bill next week.

Maldon MP Mr Whittingdale said: “If Parliament rejects the deal next week, it does not mean that we have to leave without a deal.

“I do believe our failure to prepare for a no deal exit earlier does mean to do so now would be very disruptive, at least in the short term.

“Instead, the Government should reopen talks with the EU on the basis of the free trade agreement proposal which has already been worked up by the EU.

“I am very sad the Government has abandoned its original commitment to deliver Brexit and instead is proposing an indefinite arrangement whereby we are still bound by EU rules without any ability to influence them.

“I am convinced that an alternative way forward is available should we choose to pursue it.

“This is confirmed by the last two Secretaries of State responsible for the negotiations, both of whom resigned as they could not support this deal. For these reasons, I shall vote against the proposed Agreement in the vote on Tuesday.”

Witham MP Ms Patel said: “I will be voting against the withdrawal agreement. It does not deliver the result of the referendum and does not deliver on the Government’s previous commitments.

“The withdrawal agreement will keep the UK bound into accepting EU laws for many years to come and will prevent us from securing new trade deals with the rest of the world.

“It puts the future of our United Kingdom at risk by treating Northern Ireland separately and takes £39billion from taxpayers for nothing in return.

“The EU has secured everything it wants from us in a legally binding document while we have no guarantees of getting anything in return. It is a one-sided deal stacked in favour of the EU and it is not in our national interests.”