A FAMILY is devastated after a law firm handling their father’s estate lost their final memories of him.

Roy Adams passed away about 18 months ago in Broomfield Hospital after a battle with a number of illnesses.

After his death, his estate, worth around £40,000 was donated to Cancer Research UK.

Son Steve Adams, 48, of Gloucester Avenue, Maldon said that before Roy’s death, Steve’s mother was also ill in hospital and the family had “fallen out” during that time.

He added: “All he had was his things he went into hospital with – his wallet, watch, mobile phone, hearing aid and his glasses.

“They were just personal belongings.

“He left his whole estate to Cancer Research and it was then they came back to the solicitors, the charity wanted to return the other items back to siblings.”

Shortly after Roy’s death in 2017, the family were returned his car and a caravan, which Steve and his sister had valued and sold, with the proceeds also being donated to Cancer Research.

His personal effects were returned to Brights and Sons in West Square, Maldon, by the charity with the intention of returning them to the siblings.

They were then transferred to the solicitors’ branch in Newland Street, Witham.

Steve said: “I went to pick them and when I opened the box when I got home, there were a woman’s knitting needles and things which we returned the next day.

“The firm then told us they could not find my father’s belongings.

“As a goodwill gesture they said they would donate £150 to Cancer Research but that is not what we wanted.”

Steve said he was “absolutely gutted” when the firm told him they had misplaced his father’s personal effects.

He added: “How can they lose these things? I feel very let down.

“It is not about how much they are worth, these items are our last memories of our father.

“I would have loved to have his watch, it does not matter what it’s worth, it was his.

“I really do not feel they have taken the proper care.”

Brights and Sons Solicitors apologised to Mr Adams and his family and added it will attempt to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

A spokesman said: “We acted as executors for the late Roy Adams who left his entire estate to Cancer Research UK.

“We are aware of the concerns of Mr Adams’ son Steven and have spoken with him on several occasions.

“Mr Adams’ personal effects were given to the family in 2017 with the exception of a wallet and a few miscellaneous items with the wallet.

“We regret to hear that Steven Adams, who is not a client has lost faith with the firm. We have offered him our apologies and recompense.”