ESSEX Police has enrolled six new canine companions who are ready to hit the streets.

The half dozen crew of police dogs completed their training courses, ready to be deployed with their human handlers to detain suspects and enforce public order.

Other animals such as police dogs Poppy and Dano will be working to sniff out cash, drugs and weapons.

Dano will patrol the streets of Essex while Poppy will make Stansted Airport a new home from home.

PC Jim Beard, the general purpose course instructor, said: “Both teams underwent, in my opinion, one of the most physically and mentally demanding courses in the police.

"They have worked extremely hard throughout the course and have consequently passed to a high standard with their dogs.

"They underwent additional operational training at the end of the course with PC Gary Lambert, another police dog instructor and now both teams are fully prepared for life on the streets of Essex.”

Two of the police dogs have found home with officers after they were taken in from Dogs Trust.

Chip and Dougie were both taken in from the charity and have also been trained to find suspects carrying cash, drugs and weapons with handlers, PC Michael Magin and PC Luke Pitchford.

PC Andy Gaw, the search dog course instructor said: “The six police dogs and their handlers have been put through their paces during their basic training course and have worked hard to reach a high standard.

“Seeing Chip and Dougie pass was fantastic as they both showed the right attributes to become police dogs on the very first day.

"It’s great for them to be given a new lease of life, they are happy confident search dogs doing a job they love.

"I wish the teams all the best in their new role and look forward to hearing about their successes.”