AN author who published his first book aged 84 is looking ahead as his second goes to print.

Kenneth Shepherd, of Meadway, Maldon, has completed his second book called Job Opportunities.

Mr Shepherd, now 85, was inspired by his work as a shoe shop manager in Carnaby Street, London.

He worked there his entire life before retiring to Maldon aged 65.

“Each chapter covers a different occupation,” he said.

“It talks about pictures which show people at that place of work in a form of art.

“I am of the Calvinist generation and believe a person should be at work.

“I was a manager of a shoe shop and never unemployed.

“That was the whole message of my youth – you went out to work.”

Each chapter focuses on a different job through time from fishermen to prostitutes.

Mr Shepherd added: “There is a chapter on farmers and all the practical work they do.

“I think it will be of interest to people of Maldon as a lot of them come from farming backgrounds.”

Mr Shepherd started writing the book while he was a carer for his wife Pamela who had Alzheimer’s.

Mrs Shepherd sadly died last month, but Mr Shepherd said he hoped her memory would live on as his first work Streets Ahead is dedicated to her.

He added: “This work goes right from pre-history up to today. Most does come from the renaissance period but there are works from every era.”

The book is published by Austin Macauley.

The book is available in hardback and paperback and as an E-book and can be purchased at Waterstones or Amazon.

It goes on sale on November 30. Copies can be pre-ordered online at or