Despairing residents say a parking battle which has gone on for six years is causing them to have sleepless nights.

Princes Road in Maldon has double yellow lines on one side, but residents can park on the opposite side between 6pm and 8am Monday to Friday and at weekends.

But residents living on the road say bad parking directly opposite their homes means they are unable to get off their driveways.

After a campaign the South Essex Parking Partnership (SEPP) agreed to look at putting ‘no waiting at any time’ restrictions for 67m on the road.

But other residents, who use Princes Road as “overspill parking”, started a petition against the plans.

One resident, who lives in Princes Road, said the situation had left them anxious.

He said: “Before the parking restrictions were changed in 2017 we pleaded with (the South Essex) parking partnership to add double yellow lines just opposite our driveways, but they refused.

“The effect is that the random and inconsiderate parking means that our driveways are blocked to make it almost impossible to reverse out or our visitors to drive in.

“This is made even more of an issue, when the police drive down this road from the station now based next to the council offices.

“My relative was in a panic one evening trying to reverse on our driveway avoiding the cars opposite, as a police car was on a call with lights and sirens flashing.”

The resident said he understood those living in nearby areas needed somewhere to park.

But he added: “I cannot see why they could not park further up the road away from the driveways, or at least leave some considerate clearance.

“From the parking patterns, it would seem that the owners of those vehicles parking, do not want to walk very far, hence problems this end of road.

“Added to this issue is the danger of crossing the road between vehicles, especially for children.

“Also any attending ambulance would not be able to access our drives in an emergency.”

Residents are still waiting to hear when the South Essex Parking Partnership will make a decision on the double yellow lines.

A spokesman said: “Officers are currently finalising the report with the final recommendation regarding this proposed scheme. Once the report has been approved it will be submitted to the Sub Joint Committee Meeting who consider objections against a proposed traffic regulation order.”

Once a date is set interested parties will be contacted to notify them.