A new one-way road in Maldon has been branded “lethal” by residents.

Last month the one-way system was introduced in Wantz Road to allow residents to use new permit holder parking spaces on one side of the road.

However, residents have expressed concern after discovering the connecting roads have not had any signs put up warning drivers there is no longer any right turn.

Tom Howell, who lives on the road, said: “Essex Highways have put in the new one-way system without actually putting up any signs to warn people about there no longer being any right turn out of roads around Wantz Road.

“Because they have not put in the appropriate signage properly they are making it worse.

“I live on the road - taxi drivers are used to going down certain roads and naturally they would turn right into the road where there is only oncoming traffic.

“I spoke to the highways team and they said nobody else has raised any concerns about the change and the project is complete.

“There should be a sign stating there is no right hand turn out of these connecting roads.

“Without them, the road is lethal.”

Work was carried out by Essex County Council from October 22 to 26, installing the new lines and signage for the new restrictions on Wantz Road.

The change came after a near five year fight by residents for permit parking to be introduced on the road.

County Hall held a consultation on the changes throughout May and June 2017.

Following objections from the public, the plans were referred to Ian Grundy, the council’s then cabinet member for highways.

As a result, for £53 a year, residents living in Wantz Road, Wantz Street, America Street and Dyers Road will be able to use the new spots.

Mr Howell said he feels the changes will increase the likelihood of crashes and serious accidents.

He said: “The road is already dangerous enough, it is absolutely terrible.

“People are now driving even faster through the road with this one-way system in place and with more confidence, but that could cause a tragic accident.”

He added he feared his car would be written off if he parked it in one of the designated spaces.

He said: “It feels we are paying around £53 a year for our cars to be destroyed in a crash.

“Doesn’t sound like value for money to me.”

A spokesman for Essex Highways said County Hall had only introduced signs which were “legally required”.

He said: “The ‘no entry’ signs are the only legal requirement in this location, however there are also additional road markings, with additional arrow signs near garages and private driveway exits to reinforce the one-way direction message.

“The only entry point from the south is via Wantz Road and signs designating the parking area and one-way system were installed here at the start of the scheme.

“Design engineers deliberately avoided the inclusion of extra signs in addition to what is legally required, as this area is part of the Maldon Conservation Area.

“There may be some teething issues as drivers get used to the new rules and our Road Safety Team will shortly conclude a post-construction audit of the situation.

“If they advise amendments to signage are necessary, they will be carried out.”