The community came together for a concert to mark the centenary of the First World War,

St Mary The Virgin Church in St Mary's Lane, Maldon hosted events throughout the weekend to remember the soldiers who gave their lives during the war.

The first was a concert at the church, held alongside the Livinuskoor, a choir from Ghent in Belgium and the church choir.

The choirs performed together and individually during the event on Saturday November 3.

One of the main features of the concert was a section remembering the Christmas Truce, with members reading poems and writings from the period.

A spokesman for the church, said: "We are truly honoured to have been asked to take part in a joint concert with the Livinuskoor from Ghent, Belgium, to mark the occasion."

The following day, a complete Requiem Mass was hosted by John Rutter at the church.

A spokesman added: "This was a more formal moment for remembrance and reflection on the lost of two world wars and, more personally, to remember our own departed loved ones."

A final event with November 10, on the eve of Armistice Day.

The St Mary's choir will join the Livinuskoor to repeat the concert at St Michael's Church in Ghent.