The Rotary Club of Heybridge Blackwater has joined forces with Heybridge Primary School to launch a new club.

The club, called Rotakids, is part of a national programme devised by Rotary International and used to support key stage two children.

It aims to give them the skills they need for key stage three including teamwork, leadership skills, writing and spelling, mathematics, social and interactive skills.

Michael Edwards, secretary of the rotary club said: "The aims and objectives of the club are to raise money for community and internationals causes all under the guidance of the school and rotary mentors.

"As funds for schools are constantly being squeezed, more primary school are turning to outside agencies such as rotary to deliver children's education."

A club president will be appointed with a vice-president, secretary, treasurer and committee members all being selected from key stage two classes at the school in Rowan Drive.

The rotary club is searching for more schools to take part in the programme.

To find out more about the Rotakids club, contact the co-ordinator for Essex and East Herts at and they will be able to visit the school to give further information.