A SUPER slimmer from South Woodham Ferrers has lost more than 40lbs thanks to WeightWatchers.

Laura Burton, 43, joined this year in February and lost 45lbs in six months.

Laura said: “I decided to lose weight as it had piled back on and I did not feel comfortable.

“I felt fat and frumpy and didn't look nice in clothes and I always wore baggy clothes to hide my size from people.

“I had rekindled my relationship with my Ex-husband and thought it would be a great idea to have a hobby together, so we decided on exercise.

“I went on a couch-to-5K running club in January as my partner had started running, but by the time I joined he couldn't as had just got a new job and his shift patterns didn’t suit, so I joined alone.

“I joined Paulette’s South Woodham Ferrers class in February feeling quite nervous about the whole thing.

“Even though I wasn't feeling that confident, that soon changed.

“My first week I lost 5lbs and I was so thrilled at this that it spurred me on to keep staying focused and to carry on losing weight.

“I lost weight every single week.

“Even if it was just half a pound, I still lost.

“I was still running up to three times a week and the more weight I lost, the better I felt and the more I wanted to lose more weight.

“Since reaching my goal, I have had people ask me how I did it.

“I have had three friends join and one goes to the same meeting I do.

“It is such a nice feeling knowing I have inspired others to try.

“My aims moving forward is to run a half marathon next year as I’m now engaged I have wedding to plan for.”

The group meets at Champions Manor Hall in Hulbridge Road.

To find out more about the workshop, call 07813 204512.