GOK Wan bounces onto a podium in the centre of the room, exclaiming why some were not drunk yet.

Once he’s there, he has all of the 300 women in attendance up on their feet to dance to the music and get their arms waving.

It’s a jovial and upbeat opening, one which sums up the feeling the entire show brings.

Maldon and Burnham Standard:

Gok takes to the stage for his opening

Gok Wan is taking his “One Size Fits All” show across the UK, and amongst the many popular city stops such as Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham, he’s chosen the Three Rivers Golf and Country Club in Cold Norton to kick things off.

Over the next five hours we’re given a filling brunch, catwalks, a body shape masterclass, and Q&A session with the stylist dishing out his own personal tips.

Several Essex brands and boutiques make an appearance, including Blossom Boutique in Tiptree, The Bra Consultancy in Bicknacre, and The Prom Shop in Colchester.

This is all interwoven with the host’s delightfully charming charisma and approachability, though not without dosage of a wicked sense of humour and many, many innuendos.

Early on into the show, he picks out Matthew, one of the very few male guests, and for the rest of the show proceeds to embarrass him with cheeky but perfectly innocent homoerotic banter.

Maldon and Burnham Standard:

Gok invites Matthew, one of the very few male guests, to the stage for a dance

Wan rose to fame in the mid-2000s with his Channel 4 show How to Look Good Naked, which was entirely centred on body positivity of women all shapes and sizes.

Now, 12 years since it first aired, his motto remains firmly in place. He tells the crowd: “Your body does so many amazing things every day, it’s your body and you can love it however you like.

“Every single person deserves to feel gorgeous and to look gorgeous, to be respected for who they are, regardless of their age or their size.”

One of the show’s delights sees Wan pick out two women from the audience at random for a mini-makeover with a team of stylists. They’re taken to one side and pampered up whilst the models – who are a delightfully diverse group of beautiful women – show off Essex’s finest fashion products.

Maldon and Burnham Standard:

One of Gok's models shows off a wedding dress from Abigail's Collection

When Wan’s team reveal their makeovers to the women, one gets quite emotional, and Wan comforts her, reassuring her of her beauty.

But alongside the great body positivity vibes, Wan also hammered home his message about the importance of “The Great British High Street”.

He said: “We have the best high streets in the world. Unless we start shopping in our high streets, we will not have a high street for much longer.

“Our high street is our signature stamp. We don’t want to wake up one day and see a whole row of shutters down.”

It’s a timely message, one which is essential for the people of smaller towns who love their high street shopping experiences – use it, or lose it.

And with that, Wan bids farewell to his throngs of female fans. Next week, he’ll be off to the other side of the country to remind more women just how great they are.

Maldon and Burnham Standard:

Crowds of women browse products from various Essex brands