AN acclaimed explorer from Russia travelled to Bradwell to see the famous Radio Caroline.

Fedor Konyukhov, 66, visited the Ross Revenge ship at Bradwell ahead of his latest adventure in November.

He is attempting the first ever solo rowing circumnavigation of the globe.

The 15,000-mile journey through the Southern Ocean will take up to 200 days to complete.

The boat he will use is under construction at Burnham-based Rannoch Adventure where Fedor has been overseeing the project.

Radio Caroline presented Fedor with memorabilia to take on his trip and gave him a personalised playlist of his favourite tunes.

The remarkable voyage is just the latest in numerous achievements which include four round-the-world trips – two sailing solo and two balloon flights.

His first was rowing across the Sea of Azov at the age of 15.

Fedor has climbed the seven highest mountains in the world twice and rowed both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans solo.

Next year, he will attempt the highest hot air balloon flight ever.