Councillors are set to reject plans to strike a deal to give road improvements a cash injection of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Essex County Council offered to invest up to £100,000 to get much needed work underway.

But the offer was subject to a caveat that Maldon District Council agreed to match any funding.

A report, due to go before councillors on Thursday, reveals leader Adrian Fluker has recommended the offer be rejected.

The council has begun a transformation programme which will see annual savings of approximately £1.5 million to help bridge its budget gap.

Mr Fluker’s report said: “The transformation programme is being funded from available reserves which in turn reduces funds available for projects that the council does not have a statutory duty to provide.

“While the provision of additional funding might bring forward additional highways projects Maldon District Council does not have sufficient reserves to fund projects that it does not have a statutory duty to provide.

“The duty to provide any works rests wholly with Essex County Council and is not the responsibility of the district council.”

So far Colchester and Canvey councils have signed up to the deal to help fund major road improvements.

The money goes to the council’s local highways panels.

Maldon’s panel is set to spend £200,000 in the 2018/19 year but has additional schemes totalling £215,000 on a waiting list.

This includes £45,000 for junction improvements at Beckingham Street and Tolleshunt D’Arcy Road in Tolleshunt Major and £18,500 for work in the 30mph zone on the B1021 in Bradwell on Sea where drivers flout the speed limit.

A further 11 schemes are also yet to be discussed or have costs worked out.

Kevin Bentley, County Hall's infrastructure boss, said: “It is up to each individual local authority to decide whether they want this extra funding, any unspent funding will be absorbed back into the Highways budget.”

The meeting takes place at Maldon District Council’s offices in Princes Road, Maldon, at 7.30pm on Thursday.