ARE we really all doomed?

A Mr Ross from Colchester felt compelled to write in last week’s paper with the intention of reminding all the readers from the Maldon area just how foolish and misguided they were, along with the rest of the country who had the audacity to vote to leave the European Union in the last referendum.

This would be the same as an elected government calling a general election, winning it, and the opposition insisting we hold another one after a couple of years because they didn’t like the result, as all the voters were not only misled, they were lied to as well and nobody really understood what they were voting for anyway.

Once again we have a disgruntled person who simply cannot accept the outcome.

Now I have to say, he may well be right and we are all heading down the road to ruin, despite the fact we will no longer have politicians in Brussels interfering in this country’s internal affairs, telling us what’s good for us and at the same time receiving a large chunk of our money, then giving us a bit back and telling us how we should spend it.

What I suggest the gentleman should think about is not the fact that the admittedly slim majority of people voted to leave, but why they did.

Even the most ardent EU supporter must accept reform was urgently needed.

I think it’s a case of when you have a powerful body of bureaucrats that are so remote from the people they govern they forget people’s hopes, aspirations and what they believe is fair for all.

A lot of people quite rightly have concerns about immigration, an almost destroyed once great fishing industry and other questionable decisions made over the years that may not be in our best interest, too numerous to mention here.

The fact that the EU can’t reform - or more likely is incapable of reform - went a long way to explaining why people voted the way they did.

And if the result is binding as we were all assured it will be, then we must all accept we have to work towards believing that this country is perfectly capable of running its own affairs and at the same time being allowed to trade and work with anyone we choose.

Robbie Green, Fambridge Road, Maldon