THE NHS is 70 this year.

It is one of the most important and essential services our country offers.

While it doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves, this week one appreciative Maldon business made sure it was in no doubt. 

Secret Hamper took the time and effort to bring together 70 businesses from around the county to pay tribute to their services.

Staff at Broomfield Hospital will have been uplifted when presented with dozens of hampers stuffed full with locally sourced gifts and goodies, which undoubtedly will have given them much needed respite from all the hard work they go through week-in, week-out.

Secret Hamper has celebrated the NHS’s birthday in fantastic fashion, and it’s brought a lot of competing businesses together for a strong show of support for our great health service.

To top that, founder Nigel Richardson said he wants to take on 70 hospitals next.

It’s this kind of inspiration everyone can use in the difficult times of today.

Let’s hope it inspires others.