SISTERS have thanked those who attended their fun day event which raised more than £3,500 for Essex Air Ambulance.

Hannah Chapman and sister Laura Janes put on a huge event at Heybridge Swifts Football Club on Sunday as a thank you to the air ambulance who saved her life when a near-fatal tumour burst in her brain.

The event had bouncy castles, fairground rides and games as well as a raffle and cake sale.

More than 20 stalls were set up, and those who attended were treated to several fly-overs and demonstrations from the Essex Air Ambulance teams.

Laura Janes said: “It was such a fantastic day, we picked the best weekend to do it and had lots of people turn up.

“After getting all funds together we raised £3,592.84 which was brilliant, it was overwhelming for us with the amount of support we got.

“I was speaking to one of the volunteers from the air ambulance and he talked about how great it was that so much had been made, as with other events the amount it costs to put them on means they don’t make much to give to the charity.

“It was really special for Hannah to see the helicopters fly over and the teams there, they saved her life and it was all about giving them recognition.”

Ms Janes and Ms Chapman are planning to present the total amount raised to Essex Air Ambulance at their base in Earls Colne later this month.

They also don’t rule out putting on more events for the charity in the future.

Ms Janes added: “With Hannah’s health is only going to get worse as the time goes on, and we want to get this donation presented to them, but I think we’d definitely be interested in doing more events in the future.

“It’s great that with things like this we all come together to support really important causes like this.”