A PETITION has been launched to calling for Maldon Fun Fair to be allowed to play music restored to normal levels.

The Standard reported last week that owners of the fair in Promenade Park had been told to reduce the volume they play music at following a complaint from a resident.

Owner Marshall Nicholls claimed this would damage the fair as there would be “no atmosphere” with little or no music.

Now, a petition has been launched to encourage the council to allow the fair to have music at normal levels.

It was launched by Maldon resident Jess Mitchell, who has described the order as “unfair”, claiming that one complaint “should not spoil the enjoyment of many others”.

Ms Mitchell also stated that other events happen in the park such as the Mud Race, the outdoor cinema and the Maldon Motor Show make similar levels of noise.

She added: “Soon the promenade park will be nothing but a glum and boring place to be.”

The petition was started on August 2 and has since gained more than 270 signatures.

To sign the petition or find out more visit http://bit.ly/2M08TKP.