A NEW BUSINESS for tool hire has moved in to the Maldon high street.

S & B Group Hire Services has occupied the building where the Flower Patch shop used to be.

Managing Director Dave Ponter said: “We have another depot in Tiptree and Mildenhall for bigger plant equipment and I live in Maldon myself.

“I have been looking for a high street presence shop for a fair while.

“Since Dale Hire moved away, there is not a tool hire provider in the high street.

“Since we opened, we have been flooded with orders, enquiries and people coming in saying that they’re happy to see a hire company back in the high street.

“So, it has gone over my expectations so far and I feel we have been met with open arms in a short space of time.

“High streets will always survive but businesses will come and go.

“Parking is always an issue, too many double yellow lines and restrictions which puts consumers off.

The shop that was there previously, Flower Patch, recently moved away after 38 years of service.