I refer once again to the North Heybridge development which was given the green light before a suitable flood elevation scheme was proposed, costed and consent given.

Now as the development is well under way, and despite concerns being raised by various parties not least the residents’ group chairman, still nothing has been put forward so it has to be presumed no such scheme exists or if there is one it is a closely guarded secret.

I wrote in this paper a couple of weeks ago suggesting the existing drainage system can be upgraded or at the very least, all vegetation cut back and the water course dredged where feasible this unusual dry weather is a golden opportunity.

The birds have all nested, there will be some disruption to wildlife but there will never be a better time to clean out all the streams, tributaries and culverts that form the existing drainage system before the wet weather returns.

If nothing is announced soon I fear a lot of people will be let down.

I can guarantee if any of the people who allowed this development to start lived in the at risk area, or even somebody with influence in the town, work would have started a long while ago, after all the money is there.

Robbie Green

Fambridge Road, Heybridge