We would like to express our sincere thanks to those who have given us their support over the years in our endeavours to see the rebuild and re-rigging of the Sailing Barge George Smeed, including many of the people of Maldon.

We have been lucky to have the help and expertise of several of the area’s skilled craftsmen and women and the advice and encouragement of experienced barge people and those just interested in what we have been trying to achieve.

For all sorts of reasons, including finance, time, family and health issues, this has taken more years than we would have anticipated.

The last 18 months have been particularly difficult.

However, recent weeks have been full of frantic activity and many people coming together to see we were able to participate in the Blackwater Sailing Barge Match.

George Smeed was originally built in 1882 and Saturday’s race was its first outing under sail since 1955.

We couldn’t have had a better skipper and crew and it is thanks to them the George Smeed came second in her class.

Once again our heartfelt thanks to all.

Ken and Carol Greenhalgh

Sailing Barge George Smeed

The Hythe, Maldon