A NEW project aimed at encouraging residents to participate in community activities has been launched.

Maldon District Council and Maldon Community Voluntary Service, with support from Essex County Council, have developed “4Ts project Village Friend” during the last 12 months.

The project aims to support residents in Tollesbury, Tolleshunt D’Arcy, Tolleshunt Knights and Tolleshunt Major by promoting a range of existing as well as new opportunities for residents to socialise and access help and support, including coffee mornings and lunch clubs.

A leaflet has been circulated to residents giving more information about the dates and location of the coffee mornings and lunch clubs taking place in each of the villages.

The project also aims to help organisers running local activities to be aware of other services that may support residents.

In addition, a new volunteering opportunity known as a “Village Friend” is being made available to promote activities and/or to provide informal support to local friends and neighbours.

The formal launch of the project was held on July 5 at 11am at the Bell Inn, Tolleshunt Major and was attended by Chairman of Maldon District Council Henry Bass

Mr Bass said: “I am delighted to be involved in helping to promote opportunities for residents to enjoy social activities in their own or nearby villages and at the same time to acknowledge the tremendous support networks that exist within our communities.

“Social isolation and loneliness can have a dramatic effect not only on our mental health but also on our physical health. Getting involved in community activities such as these coffee morning and lunch clubs can have a positive impact on our health and wellbeing.”

Visit www.livewellcampaign.co.uk/activities/four-ts-village-friends.