A DRAMA group’s latest performance managed to raise more than £250 for charity.

Despite fans flocking to watch the World Cup and staggering temperatures, Maldon Drama Group’s latest production of Cheshire Cats on June 28 at Maldon Town Hall.

Cheshire Cats tells the story of a team of five women from Cheshire who travelled to London to take part in the moonwalk, a story which raised both laughter and tears from an appreciative audience.

The strong audiences for the show contributed to the drama group raising a total of £258.60 for the breast cancer charity Walk the Walk.

The group are wasting no time following its success, and already has two new productions underway.

George Orwell’s 1984 will be staged in October and then Hope Flowers in November, which will support the Poppy Appeal as part of the First World War commemoration.

Hope Flowers a musical and dramatic production set in August 1914, with Alice and Harry Flowers are expecting their first baby. Alice asks Harry the same question every day but he never answers; soon he must do so and make a promise….one that might prove difficult to keep.

Hope Flowers will be staged at Plume Academy on November 10.

There are still small roles to be filled in both of these productions.

Anyone interested in performing should visit maldondrama.org.uk.