THE Maldon in Bloom team are appealing for volunteers to help spot weeds and litter to tidy up the town for the Anglia in Bloom judges' arrival.

Judges Julia Smith and Joan Gibson will begin this year’s tour of Maldon at the completed Prayer Garden at All Saints School on Monday at 9.30am.

Along the way, they will be critical of litter or any areas that are full of weeds.

The route will include Highlands Drive, Spital Road, London Road, St Francis Catholic Primary School, the area around the town sign, Gate Street, Church Walk, along the High Street to St Peter’s Churchyard, Iceland Alleyway, Library, Friary Walled Gardens, Longfields Open Space, Plume Academy, Fambridge Road and all the way down the High Street to Prom Park.

Doreen Linton, chairman of Maldon in Bloom, said: "The Maldon in Bloom team would really appreciate people's help in spotting and clearing litter or weeds along the buildings, in front of your homes and driveways, as well as public areas in these last few days.

"So, if you live along the route, please help where you can. Clear, tidy areas really help Maldon score points that matter.

"During the tour, the judges will also have the opportunity to meet with our many volunteers who have given so many hours supporting Maldon in Bloom over the six months.

"Please give the volunteers the extra help they need in the final countdown."