ANGRY residents of Fitch’s Crescent near Promenade Park have criticised motorists for parking their cars over their green spaces.

The Fitch’s Crescent circular loop of houses saw visitors to the motor show park on the grass verges and spaces in the road, meaning some residents were not able able to park themselves.

Resident Gill Rollings said: “All day Sunday we had to contend with hundreds of cars roaring around our small crescent looking for somewhere to park so they could avoid paying parking charges in the town and park car parks.

“They parked across residents driveways, and crossed both single and double yellow lines with parking restriction notices to park on the grass verges.

“The Crescent has a lot of young families living here, people are being forced to wheel pushchairs and walk with small children in the middle of the road because of these people’s inconsideration.

“No one want these events to be stopped as we would like to attend them and enjoy them but the council needs to start considering its residents.”

A council spokesman said: “We are pleased the event was such a success but it is disappointing that a number of vehicles had parked without any consideration for residents in the Park Drive and Fitches Crescent area particularly when over 500 own centre parking spaces are located within a 10 minute walk of the park.

“Our officers had to issue over 35 fixed penalty tickets during the day on Sunday.”