A UNIVERSITY in East Anglia has expressed an interest in working on houses in the district.

Anglia Ruskin University met with Maldon District Council on last Thursday to discuss the Build Factory project.

This opens up the potential for working in collaboration to support community-led housing projects in the area.

The agenda for the council meeting said: “The Build Factory is a combination of academic knowledge and experience from academic staff and practical support and opportunity for students and post-graduates involved with construction skills.

“The aim is to combine these skills with trades and businesses to bring forward development in a more cooperative way, ideally to provide homes that are more affordable that would meet need, such as affordable homes to rent for young people or almshouses or supported housing for older people.

“The University would obtain funding to meet the cost of the development which would be repaid on completion when the homes would be transferred to either an appointed housing association, housing charity, or other group.

“The Council’s Community Led Housing programme is gaining more interest but officers have found groups need help considering their options, which we can help with but the next hurdle is how this can then be put into practice.”

According to the council’s pipeline community led housing schemes, there is a potential supply of 30 to 38 affordable homes to be built in the Maldon area.

These would be for the older people, residents who need affordable housing, and adults with autism.

Maldon District Council could not be reached for comment.