Cabbie Day returns to Maldon TODAY!

The East London Cabbies' Outing set off from the Olympic Stadium in London at 9.30am with a police escort, loaded up with children with learning difficulties for a fun-packed day in Maldon.

The convoy is expected to reach the top end of Maldon High Street at 1pm, where their journey will take them all the way down the street, leading into Mill Road, Cross Road and finally Fambridge Road to travel up to Plume Academy’s main campus.

At approximately 1.15pm, the taxis will reach Plume, where the academy’s pupils and Maldon mayor will be waiting to greet them.

The school will provide all the children, carers and taxi drivers with a two-course meal and the pupils will play their own music to provide the children with entertainment.

At 2.15pm, the taxis will leave Plume to reach Promenade Park for 2.30pm, where they will park in a field, where they will stay for the rest of the afternoon with lots of entertainment including face painting, model balloons, falcon bird photo opportunities, police dog display, raffles and the Best Dressed Taxi award.

There will also be a DJ, plus free tea, coffee, cold drinks, sweets/crisps for everyone involved in the day.

The event is due to finish at 6.30pm.

Update 12.40pm: Reporter Pape Gueye has arrived at Maldon High Street where people are already gathering to welcome the taxi procession to the town.

Police have confirmed the convoy is on schedule to arrive at 1pm.

Update 1.45pm: The Cabbies have arrived in Maldon!