A BRAVE teenager has posted a video about living with Tourette’s syndrome to raise awareness.

Tyler Amos, 13, has made a video called: “What people with Tourette’s hate”.

He goes through some of the frequent questions and criticisms which he has received because of his condition The Ormiston Rivers Academy pupil said: “Some of the stuff my Tourette’s comes out with is very offensive and racist.

“Some of it is the last things I would actually think of.

“Don’t ask if people with Tourette’s can hold them in, it makes them feel a bit bad. I can’t change my tics; they’re tics.

“I’ve been attacked twice now. Some guy grabbed me by the throat and threw me into a beer stall at a shop.

“I felt bad for, like, the next month after that.

“The second time wasn’t really an attack, but it really hurt me emotionally.

“Some guy threatened to smash my face in and break my legs.”

Tyler’s mum, Claire Payne, who lives in Glendale Road, Burnham, said: “The video was done by Tyler in his room I knew nothing about it until my daughter mentioned it the next day. It makes me so proud of him.”

Mrs Payne is also trying to organise an awareness fun day in Burnham for Tyler’s condition.

She said: “I am in talks with Ormiston Rivers Academy and St Mary’s Church with regards to venues and the expected date is September 15. All money raised on the day will go to Tourette’s Action, which in turn will allow me to plan future Tourette’s awareness days.

“We would like to also include as many sectors which are affiliated with Tourette’s, like ADHD, OCD and anxiety problems. I’m hoping to either get a speaker from Tourette’s Action included and I myself will say a few words.

“It would be also nice to think that Tyler himself may say a few words but that would be dependent on how he is at the time.”

She hopes to raise £2,500 for the informative event.

She is also looking for a sponsor for the event.

To donate, visit the GoFundMe page at gofundme.com/hat8b.

The video will also be on the GoFundMe page.

The video does contain very strong language so viewer’s discretion is advised.