A ROWER in Burnham is setting up a pledge to combat plastic pollution.

Dawn Wood, of Row Aurora, is inviting businesses to pledge to reduce their single use plastics.

Mrs Wood has made anacronym for her plastics project called R.O.W.

The R is to reduce their single use plastics especially straws, cups and cutlery.

The O is to order reuseable or recyclable alternatives.

The W is to will their customers to reduce their single use plastics.

Mrs Wood said: “The first business to sign up are Station Automotive Burnham and the Rose inn Southminster.

“Both businesses have also sponsored Row Aurora’s campaign to help me in raising awareness about plastics pollution in our oceans and encourage others to reduce their single use plastics.

“I will become one of only seven women to have rowed solo and unsupported for 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean and I am aiming to beat the world record of 49 days.

“Later in the year, I will be attending local schools to inspire young people in both reducing plastics pollution but also to show that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things.”

Mrs Wood is also running a kickstarter campaign in order to fund her worldwide trip.

For more information and to donate, visit www.rowaurora.co.uk or email dawn@rowaurora.co.uk.