A PENSIONER has thanked Southminster’s medical centre and kind residents after she was thrown off her bicycle.

Terry Cassels, 73, was cycling down Southminster High Street on Friday when a driver who had parked up opened his door without seeing her.

The door slammed into her and she was thrown onto the road, suffering cuts and bruises and a head injury.

She was helped up by the driver plus other residents nearby and taken to William Fisher Medical Centre where she was seen to immediately.

Mrs Cassels, of North End, Southminster has thanked those who helped her.

She said: “I received a nasty bang on the back of my head and multiple bruises.

“Those who came to my aid were absolutely wonderful; they stopped the traffic, rescued my bike and assisted me to a safe place on the pavement. I am extremely grateful to them for helping to prevent what could have been a very unpleasant result.

“I was extremely lucky, and very fortunate that there were so many people to help.

“I must also thank the staff at the medical centre, we see such awful news about the NHS lately, but I was taken there at around midday and within fifteen minutes I had been seen, treated and given the all-clear. We are so lucky to have such an excellent facility in the village.”