PARENTS have called for motorists to drive and park “respectfully” near a school after concerns were raised about inconsiderate drivers.

Worried mums and dads say the situation is getting worse in the roads surrounding Maldon Primary School in Wantz Chase at school pick-up time.

Sarah-Jane Oakenfull, who has children at the school, said she sees drivers impatiently mounting the pavement to get around traffic.

She said: “At our school we have surrounding roads that, at peak times of the day get very busy, although not particularly fast roads, there are a few drivers who seem to think it’s OK to speed along Wantz Road.

“On an almost daily basis I witness drivers mount the pavement to make progress along the road.

“No matter how late, busy or how pressing it may seem to get to your destination, it’s not worth the lifetime of regret, remorse and ramifications, that’s not to mention the devastation and heartache.

“I urge motorists to drive respectively near our schools and stay off our pavement for they are footpaths and belong to their namesake and not your wheels and maybe, occasionally give way instead of speeding off.”

Mrs Oakenfull has urged for more people to volunteer as a lollipop man or lady to help children navigate the busier roads safely when coming to school.

She added: “I have complete sympathy and understanding that the position of a crossing person maybe a difficult one to fill, training must be given, and the relevant checks are critical.

“So, this is as much an appeal to those who feel they could help and make a difference to the community as it is a reminder to all road users, ourselves, at times included.”

The notion has been backed by staff at Maldon Primary School.

Dida Burrell, headteacher, said: “We have been made aware of some inconsiderate driving and parking on Wantz Road and welcome any opportunity that raises public awareness that supports our existing work with pupils and parents about road safety.”