BURNHAM’S newly elected mayor aims to put the environment and tourism at the forefront during her time in office supporting businesses.

Wendy Stamp was awarded the role at a town council meeting last week.

She takes over from Bob Calver who has stepped down and will be supported by deputy mayor Louise Pudney.

Mrs Stamp, who is an independent councillor, said she was honoured to be elected and has already hit the ground running with her duties.

She said: “It was a really big shock, I never expected to be proposed so soon, but I’m really grateful and honoured to become the mayor of my town. I’ve already had meetings and invitations to various events so I’m getting stuck in and hitting the ground running.”

Mrs Stamp hopes to update council policies and procedures and create more committees to give residents a better understanding of the work of the council.

She added: “I want to put forward a motion to create a finance and asset management committee so we as a council can organise our resources better so that we’re helping the public with our services as best we can.”

Mrs Stamp’s first council meeting as mayor will be later this month and where she plans to focus on the environment and tourism within Burnham.

She said: “I really want to get the environment and tourism up in Burnham; more green spaces, hanging plant baskets, less litter, and more work for the volunteers, who haven’t been as active since Una Norman, who oversaw the environment committee left last year.

“I really want the council to get behind efforts for environmentalism, that will encompass the smaller elements, such as litter picking and cutting hedges, that will really help get our environmental efforts back up to scratch.

“I hope to have a good relationship with the rest of the council, Maldon District Council and the Essex Association of Local Councils.

"I was pushy through controversial matters in my councillor seat, I still will be now.

"I am overwhelmed with the amount of support I have received. I will continue to work very hard and look forward to my fellow councillors, colleagues and residents working for the best of our lovely Burnham and the super Dengie.

“But nothing will change with me being mayor without the help and support of councillors.”