A PENSIONER has thanked a group of Good Samaritans who came to his aid after he fell over.

Edward Sandford, 82, tripped as he returned to his home in New Moor Cresent, Southminster after spending the evening at The Station Arms pub.

It is not known how long he had been on the ground when a group of young men found him.

The fall, at 10pm on Friday, April 27, fractured Mr Sandford’s arm in two places and left bruising on his leg, side, and chest.

Mr Sandford said: “I heard somebody shout ‘are you alright?’ and all of them ran across together.

“I don’t remember how long I was there. I just remember them pulling me up and that was that.

“I haven’t seen them since. I could maybe recognise them. I’m sure they would recognise me.

“I’m not trying to make a dinner out of it, I just want to thank the lads.

“All I want is for my arm to get better really.”

Together the men helped him up and walked him to a bench, where they made sure he was ok.

His wife Annette Sandford, 76, said: “They sat him on a bench, made sure everything was in his pockets and made sure he was okay.

“I can’t thank them any other way. They’re our local boys.

“Shame the whole world isn’t like that.”

Mr Sandford also spent time in Broomfield Hospital the following week after his granddaughter was concerned about his condition.

He is now recovering at home with his wife of 55 years.

Mrs Sandford added: “I have health problems so it means I can’t breathe well and I can’t stand for too long.

“He’s been like my carer for all this time. I’ve never known him to have an illness.

“So this has really knocked for six.

“He managed to get down okay the next morning and make a cup of tea.

“But because he was a bit wobbly and I couldn’t pick him up, I made him sit in his chair.”

If you are one of the good Samaritans contact the Standard on 01376334340.