A MENTAL health charity will team up with schools across Maldon to help children who need emotional support.

Mid and North East Essex Mind is launching a support service for children aged five to 18 who are experiencing problems with mental health.

These include anxiety, low mood or low confidence and self-esteem.

They will be working alongside a number of primary schools and the Plume Academy.

James McQuiggan, CEO at Mid and North East Essex Mind, said: “Having always had a base within Maldon, it was the most logical area for us to launch the service before rolling it out further.

“In 2016, it was recorded that 21.3 per cent of secondary school pupils in the Maldon area had stated that they had felt afraid to attend school due to concerns of bullying, which is one area that directly impacts on children’s mental health and general wellbeing.

“The aim of providing interventions at primary school age and easing the pressure of staff within secondary schools can only be a good thing.

“We understand that it’s not easy to access the correct support at the right time.

“However our aim is to support schools and families to get the help needed in an appropriate timeframe.

“This service is being funded directly by the charity and the support of the communities will be the key to its long term success.”

It is estimated that one in ten children are affected by mental health problems each year, half of which starts before the age of 14.

If you are concerned about the mental health of a young person, email Matt Varley, CYP Coordinator, at m.varley@mnessexmind.org or call 01206 764600.

For more details, visit www.mnessexmind.org.