Former pupils from Maldon Primary School joined together to celebrate the return of an artefact from Australia.

The Apple Book, a thank you gift from the Second World War, was returned to Maldon.

The tea party and presentation took place at Langford Village Hall on Tuesday, May 8.

In total there were 30 former pupils from the class of 1949.

Former head teacher Keith Bannister said: “Being a resident of Maldon and a retired head teacher, I was naturally drawn in when, in January 2014, together with a group of friends from Maldon Cricket Club, we visited the Maldon Museum in Victoria, Australia.

“Since then I have kept in touch with project manager at the Museum Peter Cuffley.

“The Apple Book tea party was the culmination of the project celebrating the arrival of the Apple Book that in turn has been presented to the Maldon Museum in the Park.

“It was great to see so many former Maldon Primary pupils come along who would have left the school 69 years ago.

“There are still some pupil photos that still have yet been identified.

“Go along and visit and see if you can help recognise some unknown pupils.”

Jean Gill, on behalf of the class of 1949, presented the Apple Book to Chairman of the Museum Peter Stilts together, Vice chairman Norma Shaughnessy and Maldon Mayor Jeanette Stilts.

Former pupils had journeyed from as far as from Cheshire and Cambridge.

Many of the 400 photos from the original were lost over the years.

The Standard reported a few years ago that, after the Second World War, when fresh food supplies were low, the Maldon district community in Australia sent three tonnes of fresh apples to the Essex town’s primary schools, from 1945.

As a thank you, seven Maldon primary schools sent a large book to the community in 1949, called the Apple Book.

To have a look at the book, visit the Maldon Museum in the Park.