THE Blue Boar’s monthly music night will feature two musicians this Sunday.

Award-winning songwriter and singer Charlie Dore will return for macTheatre’s monthly music event.

The show will be in the Long Room of the Blue Boar Hotel in Silver Street, Maldon, and starts at 8pm.

She will be joined by multi-instrumentalist Julian Littman from folk band Steeleye Span.

Charlie Dore will be performing material from her latest album Dark Matter, which speaks about the parallels between big eternal themes and small, ordinary dramas, where humans are routinely baffled by their own, inner space.

Ms Dore said: “I was fascinated to learn that while dark matter makes up 85 per cent of the universe, even scientists don’t know what it’s actually made up of.

“The new collection, described as a cocktail of speculation, stories and dreams served up in a hand-blown glass includes the songs Two Thousand Hour Lightbulb, Breakfast of Neutrinos, 15 Minutes With Danny Kaye and Personal Hell.”

They will also play songs from her past six albums and share some original acoustic versions of songs Ms Dore has written for artists like George Harrison and Jimmy Nail.

Tickets are £15.

For more details, visit or or call 01621 856503.