A PUPIL at Plume Academy has won an award for raising more than £1,500 for charity.

Year Eight pupil Holly Quarmby won the ‘Young Achiever of the Year’ award on Tuesday, May 8.

Holly was presented the award Plume’s Mill Road campus.

She had taken part in the British Cancer Research UK event 'Race for Life' in which she managed to raise £1,550.

She was joined by Mayor Jeanette Stilts, Councillor Norma Shaughnessy, Principal Carl Wakefield and Holly’s mother.

Ash Stoneman, head of Year Eight said: “As Holly’s Head of Year it makes me immensely proud to announce that her nomination was considered amongst 70 others that qualified for the award of Young Achiever of the Year Award.

“She is a terrific young lady and one that was easy to nominate for the award.

“Holly is a caring and positive student who has a big heart.

“Her good nature and ability to make others feel special has gone beyond just within her friendship groups.

“This money will go beyond just helping those in the community but those on a national scale too.

“Her commitment and dedication to raising the money showed a great deal of maturity and allowed those around her to become inspired and motivated to raise money for the same cause.

“A number of students at Mill Road have gone on to complete similar charity events due to Holly's actions.

“She is an inspirational character that has such a warming and caring nature that allows her on a daily basis to make a significant difference to those around her within the Plume community of Maldon.”