Parents have moved their son to a new school after he was kept inside during breaks for having lines shaved into head.

Lucian Smith, seven, was told by staff at Templars Academy, in Cressing Road, Witham, he would not be allowed outside for break time after changing his hairstyle during the Easter holidays.

The school’s website says it does not allow inappropriate haircuts or excessive hair adornments, such as braiding or designs cut into the hair.

His parents, Darren Smith and Stephanie Harman, who admitted responsibility, say the policy is “hypocritical” because the school’s headteacher Jane Bass sports a multi-coloured hairstyle.

They say Lucian is not responsible for his haircut and despite having the lines shaved out he was again kept inside.

Mr Smith, of Goldhanger Road, Heybridge, said: “It just seems so hypocritical that the headteacher, Ms Bass, has multi-coloured hair.

“Rather than call and ask us to remedy this they punished my seven-year-old son, but it’s not his fault.

“We went to the hairdresser and had them shaved out, his hair is now as short as it can be without taking a razor to it.

“We refused to let him be penalised and singled out for something that is completely out of his control so we brought him home.”

Maldon and Burnham Standard:

Lucian, previously from Witham, will shortly be joining Heybridge Primary School as the family has moved to the area.

His family said the school’s behavioural leader later dealt with the issue and apologised.

Ms Bass said: “Connected Learning Multi Academy Trust has a uniform policy in place, across five schools, which is reviewed regularly and outlines all expected appearance.

“This is easily accessible to parents, via the school website or school office.

“Each year we ask parents to sign a home school agreement that states they will support the school with its policies, including the uniform policy.

“This pupil’s parents signed in November 2017.”