Detailed plans for a 94 home development in Southminster have been thrown out.

Outline permission for new homes had already been granted but the designs for Theedhams Farm, Steeple Road, were rejected.

Developer L A Sibley wants 94 homes, of which 28 would be affordable but will have to go back to the design stage.

The plans would also see a new northern bypass, Steeple Road become a cul-de-sac and land reserved for a medical centre in the future.

Maldon District Council rejected the details claiming they did not “constitute high quality design” and wouldn’t improve the area.

It was further claimed the latest plans did not meet conditions set out when outline permission was granted as the mix of housing was not in line with council policy, two bus stops were not proposed for a link road and information on flooding was inadequate.

A report from the council stated: “The development would not provide all the residential units with sufficient private amenity space of adequate quality to ensure that all of the occupiers of the site are provided with an acceptable quality of life.”

The plans were first submitted in October last year and the consultation period ran until the end of December.

Revised proposal were submitted in January but a complete set was not received until March 20.

Maldon District Council asked the developer to extend the deadline until April 20 for determination so the revised plans could have anew 21 day consultation.

But the developer would only agree to an extended deadline for March 29 so used the details originally provided to make a decision.