A superstore donated £300,000 to the hospital which saved the life of an employee’s daughter.

Rosie Day, five, of Woodham Mortimer, received a lifesaving heart transplant at Great Ormond Street Hospital in July 2016.

The Morrisons Foundation has donated the cash to help fund parent accommodation close to the London hospital.

Rosie’s dad Barry works as a store manager at Morrisons in Braintree Road, Witham.

Rosie spent 160 days in intensive care, fighting for her life before she was given her transplant.

During the wait Rosie was in end stage heart failure and had an eighthour operation to attach a mechanical heart, which caused two brain bleeds and multiple strokes, leaving her with severe brain damage.

Throughout Rosie’s treatment mum Sara stayed in parent accommodation provided by the Gosh charity.

Rosie, who started school last year, visits Great Ormond Street Hospital for appointments and the Day family still use the accommodation. Mr Day said: “I don’t know what we would have done without parent accommodation while Rosie was on intensive care for all those months.

“It meant that Rosie’s siblings could come and stay at weekends, and we could all be together as a family.

“It means a lot to me and my family to know that the Morrisons Foundation is helping to fund something so important to us all and it makes me really proud to work for the store.

“Some of my colleagues took on a half marathon recently and the Morrisons Foundation are matching all the money they raise which we are putting towards more of Rosie’s rehabilitation treatment, we are truly grateful.”

Amit Aggarwal, director of corporate partnerships at the hospital charity, added: “These vital funds have enabled us to create brand new communal areas and kitchens in our parent accommodation facilities, which are making a real difference to families like Rosie’s.”