A group of street dancers visited a series of famous Burnham locations to film a special video.

Epic Street Dance, based at Trackside Gym, Station Approach, comprises dancers aged from nine to their twenties.

On Sunday the team endured the rainy weather to film the video.

Throughout the day they shot clips at Rio Cinema, Topaz salon and the Burnham skate park.

The group were also treated to a fish and chip lunch at the Jolly Fryer before owner John Lord surprised them by offering to pay for the cost of filming the video as well.

Dance manager Carlie Boler said: “We were in the Rio at 8am and then we went to the skate park. We had the drones which were really cool for the kids to be filmed from the sky.

“We went to the Jolly Fryer who gave them all chips and allowed us to eat in the sweet shop because of the weather.

“He then told me he had spoken to the video company and he was going to pay for the whole thing for the kids.

“The kids had saved so much which we can now put towards something else.”

The film will take three weeks to edit.

Ms Boler said: “We had said come rain or sun we were going to do it so I wasn’t going to let them down.”