A FUNDRAISER by a spiritualist group has raised hundreds of pounds to support a little girl with a rare genetic condition.

The Latchingdon Spiritualist Group held an evening of clairvoyance on Friday last week with spiritualist medium Joanne Green to raise funds for two-year-old Isabella-Helen Peppard from Heybridge.

Isabella-Helen suffers a daily battle against the pains of the amputation of a finger in October to stop the spread of macrodactyly, a condition where her finger became overgrown.

The amputation failed however, and she now has the condition in her middle finger and palm. She also suffers from lymphatic malformations creating a weak immune system.

Isabella-Helen has a wish list of things she would like to do with her family and all the money raised will go towards fulfilling these wishes.

An evening of clairvoyance, otherwise known as a psychic evening, consists of the medium opening with a hymn and prayer before members of the congregation share messages with each other about loved ones to spiritually bring them back from the dead.

Tracey said: “We love running the church with such a great team, each week we get to meet the loveliest people, being a Spiritualist is amazing, it brings us such joy, love and comfort.

“We are a non-profit making group so we are able to pass on any excess funds we have. It’s lovely being able to make a difference in our own community.”

Isabella-Helen’s family were offered chemo based drugs to try stop her pain and growths, but due to its uncertain outcome and potential long-term effects on her daily life, they decided not to pursue them.

She also suffers with many allergies, making her diet very minimal, with various medications having to be taken daily.

It’s been increasingly hard to keep a normal daily routine for Isabella-Helen, due to not knowing whether it would be a good or bad day, and how to access help due to the condition being so rare.

Latchingdon Spiritualists meet every Friday at 8pm at the Parish Hall in Burnham Road.

Visit www.latchingdonspiritualists.co.uk.