A WISHING line has been put up in Maldon’s Tesco Extra that helps grant requests from residents of district-based care homes.

In June last year, Tesco Colchester and the Friends and Neighbours (FaNs) Network started granting wishes to care home residents.

These included requests such as a woman wanting someone to pay the piano with, attend a bingo session with, and so on.

Within a week

After a few months the store was granting more than 150 wishes per month, and so the plan expanded to Clacton, and now Maldon.

Maldon’s wishing washing line works by each care home contacting the FaNs network with their residents’ wishes, who in turn contact the Community Champion at Tesco.

These wishes are displayed on the washing line in the entrance lobby of Tesco, with passersby seeing them and helping out.

Since it was launched a week ago, 70 per cent of the requests had been booked.

The store is inviting any care homes who have not yet submitted request to get in touch.

They can contact Tony Lee at FaNs Network tony@mhlec.org or Rhiain Oakley at Tesco on community2882@outlook.com.