AN ARCHITECT will become a superhero this weekend to run 10km around the Maldon district to help fund an autistic man’s swimming lessons.

Annabel Brown is an architect based in Maldon High Street, and will be dressing up as Wonder Woman to take on the challenge on Mothering Sunday with her dog Bolt, who will be dressed as superman.

She will be running from Maldon through Woodham Walter and Ulting before circling back to the town.

Annabel’s target is to raise £1,000 to fund weekly swimming lessons for a year for a former client’s son, who is severely autistic.

The lessons were originally paid for by the government, but this year funding has been cut.

Annabel said: “Jake’s swimming lessons are the only time that his mother gets a break throughout the week and she is housebound with him at most other times.

“He is 23 years old and very strong; families caring for a disabled adult are often overlooked when their children become adults. While this is not an official charity, the man’s father is a builder that I have known for a number of years and the family have limited funds now that government funding has been cut for this type of activity.

“He loved his swimming and the lessons were a safe way for him to control some of his energy.

“This run is to help give some quality back to their family life.”

Annabel was inspired to dress as Wonder Woman to highlight the families caring for disabled adults are unsung superheroes themselves.

She has already raised more than £800.

She added: “If people help fund his swimming they will be supporting a young man whose condition prevent him engaging in everyday activities and giving a bit of joy to his life, which everyone deserves.”

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