CARAVAN park owners’ smashing up of old caravans and mobile homes are causing severe health and safety risks, a freehold plot owner claims.

The Standard reported in February that several freehold plot owners at Waterside Holiday Park in St Lawrence were claiming new owners Countrywide Park Homes, who took over in December, were forcing them to sell their land.

The park includes some freehold plots belonging to individuals, some land in between and some plots rented by the company.

It was also alleged the land in between has become a dumping ground making it unpleasant for remaining freeholders.

Now, further accusations have been made against Countrywide, with freehold plot owner Simon Robinson, 52, stating the carnage left by the demolition is a severe health risk.

He said: “The term scrapyard wouldn’t even cover it. The situation is far, far worse.

“Wreckage is strewn everywhere across the park, some of it has been taken away, but what’s left is shocking.

“The owners may claim that they have given us generous offers, but in actual fact what I’ve seen them offer proves to be far less than the land is worth.

“I’ve reported the mess left by the demolition to the health and safety board, and in fairness they have been quite helpful. But much of the wreckage is still there. It’s absolutely horrendous over here.

“I came back one evening, and as I was walking back to my land I tripped straight over the debris from the caravan that had been smashed up that day.”

In a previous statement, Countrywide Park Homes categorically denied all accusations of aggressive behaviour towards freehold plot owners, also stating a number of choices were given to them, as in order for them to clean up the entire site, freehold plots needed to be sold.

Mr Robinson, an engineer, has owned a freehold plot for just under a year, dividing his time there with Burnham and Colchester.

He also claimed that threats of physical violence had been made by Countrywide staff towards him and other plot owners.

He added: “Threats of physical violence have been made, some to more vulnerable plot holders, and when that happens they would much rather be as far away from the site as possible.

“I have categorically refused to accept their offer, as I know it’s not a fair deal. In response, one of them told me ‘Well that’s ok, you’re all going to be off this land this year, we’ll make sure of that’.

“I had some great friends who stayed here, but now they have all gone.

“I feel very isolated out here.”