Plans on how a bid for 75 homes in North Fambridge will look has been approved despite concerns about how sewage on the site will be dealt with.

A “reserved matters” application was put forward by David Wilson Homes for a development on land to the west of Fambridge Road.

The applicants already had outline permission for 75 homes, a village centre of about 1,000 square metres, space for commercial buildings, and open public space and village green equivalent in size to almost two rugby pitches.

At a meeting of Maldon District Council’s north western area committee last week, where the plans were approved, members of the public and representatives from North Fambridge Parish Council raised concerns over how sewage from the site would be dealt with.

But councillors were told they could not refuse the plans on those concerns, as they would be dealt with at a later stage.

Ward councillor Sue White said: “We don’t want to discuss sewerage tonight but I don’t think we can do anything until this is discussed and I think the planning application is completely round the wrong way.

“If this was sorted I would have no objections and no problems.”

Councillor David Sismey said he had sympathy with residents and councillors but said sewerage was not a reason to stop the application.

Councillor Mark Durham added: “We are stuck between a rather nasty rock and a very hard place on this because there is an outline planning application and we can’t avoid the fact there is going to be development.”

Henry Bass put forward a proposal, which was backed by the committee, to see any sewage conditions bought back to the committee for decision.