As someone who walks dogs daily on the prom, I find it immensely unfair that we are stigmatised (Mr Cullen, Letters, January 25).

The vast majority of dog walkers are responsible users of the prom who are alert to what their dogs are doing and pick up after them. I know that I am not alone in picking up whatever I find people have left littering or fouling the fields.

The same, however, cannot always be said of the weekend footballers who leave bottles of water, full and empty, orange peel, sweet wrappers etc. on the field they use; the countless cars that tear along, a danger to anyone, adult, child, dog, walking on the paths, when the speed limit is a universally ignored and unenforced 5mph; the visitors who dump soiled nappies, used barbecues and a mountain of other rubbish on the fields; the people who use Delph Ditch as a dumping ground for almost anything; shockingly, the disgusting people who leave human excrement on the fields.

All users of this fantastic amenity, not simply dog walkers, need to take their share of responsibility for how they use it.

D Faunch, 3 Saxon Way, Maldon