RESIDENTS and councillors have been celebrating this week after it was announced Maldon District Council had been awarded £7.3 million to protect Heybridge from flooding.

The cash pot from central Government will help plans for 1,500 homes get underway.

The council has been working with the Environment Agency and Essex County Council over the last few months on the flood defence scheme for north Heybridge.

At one point the scheme was thought to be at risk with the cost outweighing any benefits of the scheme.

But now thanks to the cash injection homeowners should hopefully reap the profits of the plan.

It will be completed as part of the North Heybridge Garden suburb which will see 1,100 homes built.

It is hoped the project will help protect both new homes and existing homes.

The award by Government is good news for everyone involved.

For years homeowners have been plagued by flooding.

They had been fearful new homes would be built without any defences and leave everyone in Heybridge at risk.

But there may finally be a light at the end of the tunnel.

We don’t yet know what the plans will involve and how far reaching they will be, but residents hope the money will be well spent.

The flood defence plans have been described as “difficult and costly” but the cash should help the groups involved overcome any problems.

If all goes to plan the money will help two issues be resolved - much need houses will be built and long term flooding will be tackled.

It can only be good news.