Concerned residents welcomed the news of the investment but said they would reserve judgement until they see what the scheme entails.

Homeowners across Heybridge fear flooding could increase if more houses are built without suitable alleviation projects in place.

Sue and Bob Ryall live on Holloway Road in Heybridge, described as one of the worst areas for flooding in the village.

The couple were reassured by district councillors not a single house would be built without flood prevention plans in place.

Mrs Ryall said: “The area gets very, very water logged.

"We have had a lot of heavy rain lately and when we have weeks and weeks of heavy rain and the tides are high the road looks like a river.

“We haven’t had this for a few years but we are just worried when they build the new homes there is going to be a lot of concrete and there will be nothing for the water to soak into.”

Mrs Ryall said she hoped the scheme would also have benefits for all residents.

She said: “I think the council needs to consider Holloway Road first and foremost as it is a known fact the road floods – the council even gave us our own signs which say ‘Holloway Road closed due to flooding’.

“The money is good news for us and I hope they use it wisely.

“The new houses won’t flood which is good for the people in those houses but what about the people in the older houses – will our flooding get worse?”

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