Schools across the Maldon district are struggling to recruit new teachers, it has been revealed.

Maldon District Council, Essex County Council and the Diocese of Chelmsford have been working together to try and improve education across the district’s schools.

At a meeting tonight the council’s overview and scrutiny committee is due to discuss a report on what can be done.

The report revealed the ability to recruit teachers to the area was a significant problem.

It stated: “A key area of concern is the recruitment and retention of teachers in our rural district.

“The lack of the provision of affordable housing for teachers is seen as a major barrier particularly in small rural schools and this is hampering recruitment.

“In addition the peninsular nature of the area also has an impact upon recruitment.”

Ray Gooding, councillor responsible for education at County Hall, said: “A strong supply of good quality teachers is vitally important and we are working very closely with the county’s schools to help them with the ongoing challenge of teacher recruitment.

“We will continue to support schools with the various challenges they face to help ensure pupils receive the best possible education.”

A spokesman for the Diocese of Chelmsford, said: "It is well known that there is a national shortage of teachers, and that small rural schools across the country find it hard to recruit teachers and to keep them​. The diocese, Maldon and Essex are discussing these complex issues."